TRUST Water Technologies

Perhaps one of the most important environmental issues of the twenty-first century is water crisis.
We strongly believe today’s water crisis is not because of the lack of water resources, but the lack of water management!

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TRUST Renewable Energy

Iran averages 300 days of sub annually, giving a DNI of up to 5.5 Kwh/Sqm per day.

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TRUST Inspection System

From cargo, vehicle and parcel inspection, mechanic engineering, aircraft industry, automotive components, material analysis to oil and gas pipeline maintenance, our solutions meet the ultimate demands of quality imaging.

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TRUST Digital

The total and overall societal effect of digitalisation (Digital-Transformation) enable new types of innovation and creativity in both individual businesses and whole segments of the society.

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TRUST Healthcare

Medical imaging, Medical Informatics and Healthcare Information Technology (MHCIT) is the novel spirit of our high-end healthcare technologies, medical imaging management, workflow and medical data processing.

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