TRUST Digital

TRUST Digital is developing and running digital businesses of TRUST and its affiliate partners.

Our infrastructural services for digital economy, is where we deliver new ways of selling and fast growing business efficiencies, as well as agile information exchange. This is TRUST investment for the future economics of information credit systems.

We are working in partnership with world-class partners to fulfil our mission in digital technologies, advertising and marketing development, as well as online data management and processing.


Iranian demographics:

A population of near to 80 million people

Two third of the country’s population are aged below 30 years old

A number of 56,700,000 internet users were reported in 2016

Digital services in Iran:

Technology development

Marketing and advertising

Affiliate and ecommerce solutions

TRUST Digital Solutions

Ad-exchange and Online Ads

Our network is connect advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses in areal-time advertising platform and maintain the loyalty of its current customers.

Outdoor Advertising

We have a network of clients and media-owners with some exclusive locations for outdoor advertising services. This includes digital screens, billboards, shopping centres, bus stops and many more.


Digital economies are the efficient mean for businesses to enjoy the ultimate gaining in customer attraction and loyalty maintenance. Affiliations are known as a considerable solution on the mentioned platforms to enhance leads conversions and promotion efficiencies.

TRUST is collaborating with businesses and partners who are interested in ecommerce operation and maintenance. We provide our Know how and technology in a agile framework to power their ecommerce platform and support their customer journey.