TRUST Inspection Systems

TRUST’s very first and core business founded 40 years ago was centred around trading and manufacturing high end imaging solutions for industrial and medical applications. Our main focus has been ensuring quality in imaging productivity and workflow, combined with scalability and flexibility of imaging applications in both sectors. Our corporate social responsibility and code of conduct has been strictly to regulate the production and trade of these solutions.

Industrial Imaging

Industrial imaging’s trade and manufacturing has been a core business for TRUST during our 40 year history. Non-Destructive Testing and X-ray inspection systems have helped the Iranian industries to achieve high quality imaging for security and inspection, product development, maintenance and quality assurance.

Industrial x-ray

Our industrial imaging solutions covers both x-ray framesets and snapshot applications to make Radioscopy and Radiography available for different logics of screening and study.
Our products privilege a considerable versatility with respect to different imaging methods and environments. This diversity encounters the portability imaging units and scalability of exposure rooms for different object sizes.
From cargo and vehicle inspection, parcel inspection, mechanic and mechatronic engineering, aircraft industry, automotive components, material analysis to oil and gas pipeline maintenance, our solutions meet the ultimate demands of quality imaging. According to the limitations in object’s physic, our systems are diverse in mechanical arms, positioning and movements.