About TRUST Group of Companies

TRUST Limited was founded in 1976 in Tehran – Iran with the main focus on trading Medical and Industrial Imaging as well as Inspection Systems and production of medical applications. With our engineers’ extensive knowledge, TRUST developed in manufacturing of Radiography and Fluoroscopy solutions with latest technologies throughout the time.

TRUST developed by adding other units to it’s supply chain such as Dental imaging, Sonography devices, non-destructive testing (NDT) and cargo and vehicle inspection. TRUST has been always enjoying great partners that have helped us, our clients and partners to develop higher quality of products and services.

Water Technologies is the latest unit of TRUST Ltd. As Iran’s water level reaches warning levels, TRUST is working in partnership with world-class water solution providers to meet its values in corporate social responsibilities. We offers and support clients in different sites to build, develop and improve their projects and efficiency of their processes.