TRUST Healthcare

Medical Imaging

With more than 40 years of heritage, TRUST Medical is the oldest business at TRUST which has operated highly advanced medical imaging development. For decades TRUST has been developing and manufacturing Fluoroscopy and Radiography with latest technology solutions.

Trust medical

Trade of other imaging modalities in Radiology was the alternative operation to be done at TRUST, in order to supply the market with a more reasonable basket of products. This has caused our total solutions for Radiology to become more financially affordable, meanwhile maintaining high quality.

The cited trading interest has added Dental Imaging and Sonography devices to our supply chain. TRUST Medical has always enjoyed great partnership with world leaders in this industry such as Swiss Comet that have helped us develop our solutions with a higher quality compared to the average market.

Research and development in ophthalmic imaging has also been a major activity of TRUST Medical during the past three years. Conducting novel imaging methods and protocols to better diagnose posterior conditions covering most of the scientific activity.

Ophthalmic imaging

However, manufacturing of medical imaging devices has not been the only activities of TRUST Medical. Medical Informatics and Healthcare Information Technology (MHCIT) is also the novel spirit of our high end healthcare technologies, medical image / imaging management, workflow and medical data processing.