TRUST Renewable Energy

We all know the supply of natural resources is limited. Therefore it is our corporate social responsibility to help on development of sustainable and novel energies as well as technologies designed to improve energy affordability, reliability, and efficiency.

TRUST is keen to expand the culture of investing in using green energies such as solar farms and wind plants. TRUST is therefore in close collaboration with international EPCF contractors to enjoy the Iranian energy market, as other industry role players have already begun to do so.

At TRUST, we are already living in the future! It has been ongoing research and development on piezoelectricity as a considerable option for the Iranian energy market. This extensive development encounters the culture of this energy, containment method, as well as its technology and commercial feasibility.

TRUST is acting as a platform that manages the Iranian sustainable energy plants to be constructed and operated. A diversity of stakeholders are involved and would enjoy the partnership on this platform to each meet their highest interests.

The ‘Win-Win’ Opportunity
Although it appears to be challenging, Iran’s renewable energy market provides a great opportunity for many good things to be achieved to the benefit of all. A long term profitable business which results in benefits to investors, Iran, its natural environment and, something that affect everyone, a reduction in environmental toxicity from fossil fuels. Large scale use of renewable energy will help Iran attain its international commitment to do its share of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions.
From the mountainous regions to the deserts, Iran has excellent natural environments for both wind and solar power sourced renewable energy. With a population of close to 80 million people and a high rate of electrification (99.8%) there is a ready-made market for renewable energy given the finite supply and high cost of power production from fossil fuels. At present, there are extremely attractive feed-in tariffs to encourage growth in this virtually untapped market. These favorable tariffs can achieve a high return rate for investors.