TRUST Water Technologies

Perhaps one of the most important environmental issues of the twenty-first century is water crisis. This has resulted in the emergence of new water technology developments.

Iran’s water shortage is at a critical level, water is probably more important to Iran’s future than oil! Water treatment stages require investment, perfect application know-how and strict stage-by-stage management as this directly relates to the public’s health. This is why TRUST is developing a network of contractors, business developers, investors as well as know how and technology providers.

We are working in partnership with world-class water solution providers such as Hubert Stavoren from Netherlands, GWFA Germany which is backed up by the REMONDIS Group (Bringing water, service, raw materials and energy to millions) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. K.-U. Rudolph GmbH (International consultants for water engineering and management).

Some of Alliance in our network

TRUST and Water Industry

TRUST is active in the water industry with the following aspects:

Service Engineering

Engineering world leading services and products to procure drinking, agricultural and industrial water, as well as waste water management in macro scale.

Alliance Development

Developing a network of investors and financiers, contractors and business developers as well as know how and technology providers.

Customer Attraction

Attracting governmental and private clients to enjoy the utilised services from TRUST alliance water network

Water Market in Iran

Water distribution in Iran:

A Pipeline network of 142,000 km

30% of the pipeline network is broken and requires renovation

26% loss of the total water supply in network (pipeline leakage) is reported within the broken scope

Water consumption in different sectors:

Drinking and Municipal: each person consumes the average of 150 liters (0.15 m3) of water per day (the
country population is approximately 77.45 million)

Agricultural: daily consumption of 92,400,000 m3

Industrial: daily consumption of 11,550,000 m3

Total water solutions


seawater intakes

For seawater intakes our hydro mechanical equipment encounters vertical intake pumps and stop logs, as well as coarse and fine screening.

coarse screening TRUST-water-intake-Iran

Coarse Screening

For coarse screening, our solutions encompass cable operated and back racked bar screens with scalability in size, operation and automation. Integrated trash racks and embedded solutions are also the other point of competence with our coarse screening machines.

fine screening TRUST-water-intake-Iran

Fine Screening

In fine screening, we provide travelling band screens, drum and micro drum screens with a diversity of capacities that are compliant to different intake environments. These screening solutions are well prepared to manage the jellyfish attacks of Persian Gulf and such kind of complexities. Embedded solutions are also known as the other flexibility factor that makes our solutions compliant with any intake concrete.

Width Screen TRUST-water-intake-Iran

With Screen

As with screens, our stoplog solutions are compatible with versatile capacities, concrete environment, water resistance and operation demands.

Vertical intake pumps

For pumps, our high capacity vertical intake pumps can be provided with different differentiation heads and material. Our pumps can stream up to 20 m3/min from intense water intakes to secondary treatment plants.
According to material, we are capable of providing our solutions with any correspondent material that satisfy complex and intense demands for corrosion resistance and protection.


We offer you consultation, engineering, providing the latest know how by our world leading partners in our network. We also provide scalable and flexible screening, pumping, aeration, clarification, grid removal and thickening solutions.

Our screening solutions are combined into a chain operated coarse screening and micro fine screening with diversity in size and capacity. To stream the water with respect to other creatures living there and ecosystem, our screw pumps are provided to fit a variety of demands in capacity with extreme reliability and low maintenance.

Our aerators are also available to mix the required oxygen with water with a very low maintenance cost and energy consumption, as well as extreme reliability and dosage of oxygen. Also with respect to sludge removal, our clarifiers advantage from a great flexibility in tank size compatibility and add-on and material options. As with the rest of our equipment, our grid removals are delivering advantages in reliability and efficiency. Removing sand requires the ability to protect the organic matters of the water, while the classifier let the sand to be washed. Addressing our thickeners, different driving methods of central and peripheral drive thickening makes our thickeners more scalable according to the water treatment demand. This can also come with full scum remover device that makes it even more compliant for clearing the treated water.

Nowadays water is more important globally than ever before. In some regions like the Middle East, water shortage has already reached dangerous levels. More specifically, there is sever water scarcity in Iran. Despite Iran having the largest gas and oil reserves in the world, climate change and the overuse of water in traditional agriculture is affecting the nation. Iran is already undersized of water resources which is worrying for the future of the country.
Water desalination technologies have been used for more than 50 years in the Middle East and have become the main solution to reducing water shortage. The region has got almost half of the World’s desalination capacity, with the Persian Gulf having the largest share.


Seawater desalination needs careful design and adequate testing from the very early stages of the project. Any desalination system requires attentive analysis from various aspects. For example, testing the source of water to conclude what kind of pre-filtering and solutions is required to protect membrane desalination systems.

There are many challenges involving desalination projects. It can have a significantly negative implication on the environment. In seawater desalination, one of the major issues is the amount of discharge of salt and its effect on the ecosystems. This is the primary concern especially for the Persian Gulf as there are considerable number of desalination plants around the region and it is an enclosed and small size sea.

Therefore it is crucial to work with world’s best leaders in desalination technology and solution providers from the early stages of the project lifecycle to have the most efficient and cost effective system in the long run.

With fast growing number of the water desalination plants in Iran, the demand for filters and membrane is rising abruptly. As the quality and cost are the two main factors of producing pure water, TRUST is recently investing in developing manufacturing line for water filtration and membrane in Iran.

We are working closely with universities to develop our water treatment process know-how as well as cooperating with world water treatment leaders to provide our customers with the best membranes that are designed to meet their unique requirements.